Video Library for Mental Health

Video Library for Mental Health

  • Alcohol and Your Brain

    Take a rollercoaster ride through the brain to learn about alcoholís harmful effects on five different brain structures.

  • Teen Health: Mental Health

    Mental health affects how we feel, think and act. Itís important at every stage of life so that we can cope with stressful situations, work productively, and make meaningful contributions to our community.

  • How We Cope With Anxiety & Stress | MTV's Teen Code

    This one goes out to all those teens who canít get out of bed no matter how hard they try, who have gone three days without seeing anyone (or even brushing their hair). Youíre not alone, and our teen experts (and a few twentysomethings) can prove it. Follow along as they deliver the Teen Code guide to coping with Mental Health.

  • Protect Your Brain

    The adolescent years are marked by dynamic brain changes. An important aspect of the maturing brain is the development of connections or networks that link different parts of the brain. It takes two an half decades to hook up each of the parts of the brain to each other, like slowly building and linking the parts of a force field over 25 years.

  • Mind Your Genes

    Protect Your Brain - Mind Your Genes